Expo 2011
Theme: Religions
Does God exist? And who does He - or She - actually serve?
Whether it's for the Muslim world, Christianity or Judaism, it's fairly obvious that the God of each monotheistic religion has one common purpose: to rid the world of all evil. Just like Superman. Or Batman. Or Spider-Man.

But this God can't be seen, touched or even pictured due to religious reasons, so He or She has to nd other ways to do divine works. And as we are all, in religious terms, God's instrument, His - or Her - work is carried out through us, humans.

But imagine the strength we can gather out of religion being so immense that a simple butcher,
a nun or a rabbi can become true superheroes and defenders of their respective faith, each deserving his or her own comic book.

Mr. Eighty One proudly presents a new Holy Trinity of superheroes.

Jews have been prosecuted since about 167 before Christ. But this ends now! A circumcized hero, only known as THE RABBI defends the Chosen People against devilish threats and injustice with razor-sharp throwing Stars of David, explosive dreidels and a very lethal menora.

Evil forces have been threatening the town of Sidi Abdallah Ghiat. Only Allah can save the 986 inhabitants from

certain death. And He only needs one instrument: local butcher HAKIM. Armed with sharp blades and a strong
belief in his God, he slaughters evil in true Dhabihastyle.

When vampires haunt the 180 inhabitants of Gotarrendura, only one woman has the Godly courage to stand up
against this terror: TERESA, great-great-great-greatgreat-granddaughter of the legendary Saint Teresa of Avila, a 16th century Carmelite nun and Gotarrendura native.

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